Shaming Stag with Tea

(A collaboration with Google)

Old, white-hearted

In some cases overshadowed

Yellowing due to the field of this drug

Along with the bad weather.

I’m worried because it depends.

I am worried because it is.

Or no. I’m tired.

The tiredness of the body after illness.

I will open it up.

This a ribbon,

a white sugar buff

Tree neck, agriculture

Study period or stone

It’s a thing, so don’t worry

Change the tone, cook or upset.

There is a risk:

prosperity in daily life.

Gorgeous improvement

Or the failure of the win.

Fire fighting with fever.

O year of appetite with hangover

I missed my waist. I am tired easily.

Look, no body, heavy body, body

With physical resistance

I can, but I’m not

There may be, but not worry

Na na of course. Worry.

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