Tales from Ungentrified Williamsburg, ep. 1: we moved recently…

Tales from Ungentrified Williamsburg, ep. 1: we moved recently into a new office, so I called Verizon to have a phone line & internet brought in to the space. I waited all day yesterday for Verizon to show–didn’t–and half of today. When a technician finally did show, he surveyed the area and determined he’d need to run a line from the pole in our new neighbor’s backyard. He hitched on his tool belt and set off to get access to the pole. He was back a minute later with his tail between his legs. “I thought I was lucky because the owner of the lot I need access to just happened to be there, so I asked him if I could get access to the pole and he said no, never, he hates Verizon and has hated them for 10 years, and then he drove off.” “So I can’t get phone service?” “All I can say is hang out around here and try to talk to him yourself–maybe you can persuade him to let us in.” “So the only solution is for me to wait around and hope he shows up again and then hope I can persuade him to change his mind?” “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.” #ohwilliamsburg #themorethingschange

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